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Portable Ski Lift Tow

Gasoline model with 5 - 5,5 HP "BRIGGS AND STRATTON" Engine

Productivity ~150 liftings per hour.
Lifting speed 18-30 km/h, 11-18 mph.
Gripping speed 5-8 km/h, 3-5 mph.
Drive units weight 25 kg. (gasoline)

Introductory basic price - $1250 (US Dollar)

Installation time approx. 15 min.
Removal time approx. 5 min.

Ski Lift Tow Installation (click to enlarge)
Ski Lift Tow Drawing (click to enlarge)

We have been improving our skilift design for years since it was developed and successfully used in Europe. Now cheaper and more reliable ski lift is ready for serial production. We have a video cassettes, DVD, pamphlets and instructions. We own very strong US and Canadian patents. Our effective method of cable splicing reduces cost of ski lift production -20%




Gasoline portable ski lift and accessories can be easily packed into the trunk of the small car and transported to the place of installation by sled. The portable ski lift uses a new variable speed principal of lifting and can tow one skier at a high speed; the engine runs on the low idle and pulls the cable at a low speed until the skier grabs on. It then automatically switches to a higher speed. Once the skier releases the cable, the lift returns to its low speed.



Basic set of portable ski lift tow   

1) Drive unit with 5 - 5,5 H.P. briggs and stratton gasoline engine.
2) Reel with 1/8"diameter steel cable 100m slope (each additional 1m- $1.00 USD).
3) Reel with color safety rope.
4) Pulley's 1 peace (each additional - $18.00 USD).
5) Brace anchors 2 pieces (each additional - $12.00 USD)
6) Skier's cable clamp 3 pieces (each additional - $15.00 USD)




Snowboard clamp - $20

How to use snowboard clamp   Portable snowboard clamp



Anatoly Pivarunas Anatoly Pivarunas received numerous highest awards from the Soviet government for his achievements in mechanical design, engineering research and in sports.
The picture shows Anatoly with some of the gold medals he was honoured for extraordinary discoveries and inventions.
During 5 years of research he created very effective as fuel consumption, emission, simplicity and power the new type of fuel system for gasoline engines (which in mass production since 1974).
For such achievements he received a special award for the most valuable PhD dissertation in automotive industry.
Anatoly also used this advanced system for his personal motor boat racing: he designed the 4th, 6th, and 12th, barrel carburetors and became the 12 time Soviet Union National Champion and speed record holder.
Anatoly built the world's first and fastest variable speed portable ski lift in 1960. It created a sensation in the Soviet Union, which at the time didn't have ski resorts for ordinary people.
But only since 2005 (thanks to the Google Search engine) the portable ski lift is manufactured by Anatoly Pivarunas in Toronto and installed in backyard slopes by many downhill enthusiasts around the world.

Gasoline Ski Lift   Ski Lift Portable   Ski Lift Tow Portable   Ski Lift Tow



We tested the ski lift today for the first time and it worked great! …It was a lot of fun and we appreciate all of the effort that you put into the design.”
Ken W., P.Eng., Tahoe City, CA

I am very pleased with the ski tow. It is everything you said it would be, 100%.
Brad L., Anaheim, CA

Dear Anatoly,

Last season we had a wonderful time with the ski lift we purchased from you. We thank you very much for creating such a useful lift! It has given my family much pleasure. We skied about 120 days last season, some of which were using the portable lift here at home.
Heinjos and Jan Lahring, Sundre, Alberta, CA
November 14, 2008

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